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Anesthesia Free Dental - Sound Healing - Aromatherapy - Massage Therapy

Da Cura Pets offers pain-free, love-based therapies to promote our pets' holistic wellbeing. Understanding each pet has specific needs and requires different levels of care, Da Cura Pets specializes in senior, physically and emotionally unbalanced, and behaviorally challenged pets.

Pet anesthesia free dental

Originally from Colombia, Ana Rios has been an animal lover since an early age and has dedicated her entire life to protect and work towards animals' wellbeing.

From volunteering at different shelters to working as a highly experienced veterinary technician, Ana has developed a sophisticated technique for performing anesthesia-free dental, providing effective physical therapy, and delivering outstanding home care treatment for pets, among others.


In 2015, and as a result of caring for her late pet, Canela, Ana immersed herself in studying different alternative pet therapies, which developed into her current passion and line of work: to provide compassionate, holistic services for all animals in need.  

Our founder

Love My Clients

What Pet Owners Say

"Very Professional"

Da Cura Pets services are outstanding. Ana is a great  animal healer, who senses and understands the needs of my pets.  She is friendly, professional and very knowledgeable.  My pets and I adore Da Cura! 

Erika Laverde

"Great Service"

Thank You Ana-Mile and Da Cura Pets!. After my dog had reconstructive knee surgery, Ana-Mile came to the house and provided post-surgery healing treatments to assist in the dog's recovery - independent of the regular recovery routine. Her treatments included massage and acupressure healing techniques.   Ana-Mile has a wonderful, calm and confident approach, and helped my dog calm down and I truly believe that her efforts helped speed up the recovery and healing process. I recommend Da Cura Pets!

"Kind & Loving"

Angela Molina

Ana Is wonderful at what she does! She offers great service and great advice in helping me to keep the health of my pet in good standing. Thank you Ana for all your help!  

Craig Clevenger

In Loving Memory of Canela  


Da Cura Pets
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